Home Business Bootcamp Training 2/04/22


Recap of Feb 4 LIVE bootcamp training with George Kosch, Training Instructor, CEO, Co-Founder of Worldprofit Inc.

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HELP without HYPE is what you can expect from George in these LIVE weekly interactive sessions. 
Ask questions, get demos, expert training tailored to your needs.

Training Theme: How to use Worldprofit’s platform to get leads, traffic and sales conversions for ANY affiliate program.
George spent considerable time in this session showing how to promote your own affiliate porgams using Worldprofit tools.

Major Training Topics

  • A warm welcome to all NEW Silver and Platinum VIP Members! New Members, what to do now.
  • Did you get your BONUSES? Free Advertising and more? Here’s how to get your EXTRAS. Go to Lesson 3. Watch the 2 Videos 
  • Your 18 LIFETIME fully upgraded Traffic Memberships – activate and start using to promote your affiliate links
  • Building your skill set; mastering the fundamentals of promotion one day at a time
  • Value of your Worldprofit Ad Tracker (included in both Silver and Platinum VIP Memberships
  • When you promote and get Associate Member sign ups, here’s what happens in the background without you lifting a finger 
  • How to promote faster, more efficiently and to more places to get MORE Associate members
  • George revealed a SECRET MEMBER ONLY access to a list of site sources where last sales came from – actual SALES. 
  • Worldprofit’s Promo Organizer 
  • DEMO: How to integrate your own Autoresponder to Worldprofit’s Landing Pages (Ad Examples) 
  • Worldprofit Exclusive Leads  Download as you need them
  • Your Prospect Manager Software: How to use it 
  • Call Loop integrates with Prospect Manager software
  • Worldprofit’s Magic List Builder
  • Worldprofit’s OFFER BUILDER – create your own offers with this tool to get more sign ups
  • Worldprofit’s UNIVERSAL Bonus Builder – use for any of your Affiliate programs
  • Your MONTHLY Traffic Injections – activate these 
  • Profile Addition: New page added to Profile section that shows you the INCLUSIONS in your Membership level
  • Comparison Chart of Free Associate membership, Silver Membership, Platinum VIP Membership
  • Focus on Consistent PROMOTION – it’s the KEY to getting sales.
  • Review: How to create your own Super Funnels using Worldprofit’s SUPER FUNNEL BUILDER
  • Worldprofit’s Marketplace Store Builder 
  • Multi-Commission System
  • Graphics Studio to make your own – or Graphics Gallery to access ready to use images.
  • Ebooks Cover Creator   
  • Banner Creator
  • Google Analytics. Adding code to your site for Analytics from Google and others
  • Worldprofit PLR Product Vault  – 540 products at the click of a mouse, give away on your landing pages to get sign ups 
  • For owners of Worldprofit’s CLICKBANK Store we also updated the Store as well as the Clickbank SALES MANAGER. 
  • Want PROOF Worldprofit’s System Works? You are the Proof. YOU are here because your Sponsor used Worldprofit’s system. 
  • 27 Years in Business, 100+ services, software, tools and HELP – all devoted to helping you start and GROW your online business  

Get started with Worldprofit FREE Visit here https://cashcreator.biz/lp6