Right now, affiliate marketing is exploding.

It’s not a new industry; it’s just become extremely common as the need for work-at-home employment grows, as does the need for additional income during the pandemic.

People all over the world have been using affiliate marketing for years. Worldprofit Inc, founded in 1994, was the first organization to offer affiliate marketing. Two years later, in 1996, Amazon launched their Affiliate referral program. Since then several software providers, and publicly traded companies offer different forms of referral services.

The issue isn’t that the affiliate marketing model doesn’t work; it certainly does!

All sorts of big corporations have affiliate programs where you get paid if you refer a sale to them from your website, blog, or social media.

It’s an easy idea to grasp. Sign up for a free account on the company’s website, then post or share your affiliate links to win money for referring customers. Many businesses don’t provide much assistance to their affiliates in terms of having sales other than a connection for promotion.

The issue stems from some vendors’ claims that you can make thousands, if not millions, of dollars in a matter of weeks.

It’s complete and utter nonsense.

Newcomers to internet marketing have fallen for it, spending money on the ONE trick, app, tool, or gizmo that will make them wealthy.

The reality quickly sets in that making even a TINY amount of money needs a lot of marketing and sales referrals.

People will make sporadic posts before being disappointed that they are not making any money.

So the eager yet naive buyer purchases yet another commodity, source, ebook, or video series in the hope that it will help.

Then they go to a flashy webinar where the “6 Figure Experts” tell them that they need their own PRODUCT to make the big bucks, so it’s on to buying this and that to study and grow the product to bring it into one of the many Digital Marketplaces. Most people lack the time or financial resources to bring their product to market. Many who have undertaken this journey have always found themselves in debt, with nothing to show for it.

It’s not your fault if you’ve slipped and lost your way in this market if you’re not getting it.

You’ve been told by dazzling vendors that it’s so simple; you don’t have to do any work, and someone else will take care of your sales while you relax on a beach.

You’ll be delighted to hear there’s a cheaper, smarter way to benefit from affiliate marketing now that you’ve found your way here, maybe a little burnt, but certainly a lot smarter.

For over 25 years, Worldprofit has provided affiliate marketers with software, training, assistance, and specialized services.

When you follow our rigorous training and consistently work to develop your company, our system works.

Worldprofit will not make any income claims or attempt to entice you with images of flashy cars or promises of fortune.

What you receive is entirely up to you and the commitment you put into putting our time-tested validated performance method to work for you.

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