What Kind Of Online Marketer Are You?

By Brian Armstrong

Every day, I speak with people who are trying to make a decent living online. There are ordinary people from all walks of life and from all parts of the world. The ability to make money online through a variety of partner or reseller services is their common goal. While the objective remains the same, the methods used to achieve it, as well as the outcomes, are often unique. I’ve listed the marketing tactics that I see on a daily basis, as well as the ones that are and aren’t successful. Check to see if you recognise yourself in any of the following scenarios.

The Dabbler.
The Dabbler’s marketing strategy entails putting in a little bit of effort here and a little bit of effort there. This sort of marketer can write a few posts, submit a few tweets, enter a few safelists, and join a few traffic exchanges. This individual has a basic understanding of what it takes to market an online company. The issue is that they are unable to roll up their sleeves, dig in, and do whatever it takes to continually foster and build performance. They’re too preoccupied with discussing, preparing, and organising it. The Dabbler can also be used as an excuse computer. They are quick to give excuses for not having completed the tasks required to grow their company. Alternatively, they are quick to place responsibility for their lack of success on others. It has always perplexed me how convenient it is to find excuses for not succeeding. What about the many reasons why you Should succeed? The Internet provides a plethora of money-making opportunities!

The Student.
A professional online student is this sort of marketer. They read constantly, watch videos, and sign up for everything in order to obtain even more information and assistance. They are so preoccupied with studying and absorbing information that they never really DO something or apply what they have learned. They’re never able to START putting what they’ve learned into practise. They want to learn more, absorb more information, buy more books, and enrol in more courses. The Internet, as well as marketing tactics, are always changing. You’ll never know anything there is to know about marketing, and just as you think you’ve figured it out, technology will change again. Put an end to the studying and begin doing! Any day you spend solely on learning is a day you haven’t earned a penny. Dive in, get your feet wet, and start promoting your business, products, and services RIGHT NOW! Yes, there is a lot to learn about online marketing; never stop learning, but still keep marketing in mind.

The Sweat and Tears Syndrome is a condition that occurs when a person sweats and tears.
This marketer is the most depressing of them all. They promote in short bursts with a frenetic pace, wasting hours in all the wrong places and encouraging all the wrong things. For two, three days, maybe a week or more, they frantically tap away at their keyboard for hours at a time, “doing their job” late into the night. Their blog is brimming with keyword-rich content, they’ve tweeted like crazy, and they’ve purchased leads from a shady vendor who seemed too good to be true. They take a breather and wait for the results, exhausted. When they don’t get immediate results, they start to cry. They swear, stomp, tantrum, and move on to the next best online money-making programme ever, which is currently in pre-launch! The insanity starts all over again. This form of marketer lacks patience and jumps from one programme to the next with no dedication or loyalty.

The One Who Acts
The SUCCESSIVE marketer is the DOER! The DOER is the one who isn’t engrossed in the minutiae. The DOER is a fearless creature. They make errors and blunders, but they keep going. They recognise the web’s immense potential for marketing goods to the rest of the world and profiting from their efforts. They recognise that the right goods and equipment will help them sell something! Buyers abound on the internet. DOERS recognise the importance of diligence and the need to work a company on a daily basis, recognising that this entails constant promotion. DOERS recognise that there will be setbacks, mistakes, and roadblocks along the way to success. The people I know who DO things aren’t necessarily the people you’d expect. Many of the DOERS I know are ordinary people with no sales or professional experience. They have the gift of not being afraid to try, of not giving up, of digging in and working hard. DOERS all over the world are currently selling their goods, services, and affiliate programmes in every corner of the internet, making money every day. This form of marketer has accessed the appropriate resources, preparation, and equipment, and regularly employs them while setting ambitious targets and maintaining a positive attitude.

Here’s some advice for you as an online marketer trying to make it big.

Set a target for yourself every day when you wake up. Make the objective attainable and observable. Make a note of your target on your screen and date it.

Your initial aim could be to simply find five great places to promote your business. Then your target could shift to actually posting your advertising, product, service, or opportunity to five, ten, twenty, or more sites per day. Set daily expectations for the number of transactions once the campaign is in effect.

Never lose sight of that target as your company expands. Make sure you don’t get sidetracked. Remember, you want to have made money at the end of the day! Tweeting, face booking, article submissions, and blogging HELP your business expand, but they aren’t a direct source of income for you. Yes, promotion, networking, and SEO positioning are essential, and you can work on them, but it takes time. Do not get so engrossed in these things that you fail to make money! Maintain your focus on the prize.

Set a daily earning target for yourself. Begin by being rational. Set a new target for tomorrow if you don’t make the number today. Change your everyday targets as soon as you start making money. Many of you who are new to online marketing should know that you CAN make money every day if you have the right tools and resources, as well as great goods and services to promote. Simply confirm that you are the DOER mentioned in this post.

I’ll end with a quote from Ray Kroc, CEO of McDonald’s Corporation, who is one of my favourite DOERS. “Luck is a byproduct of hard work. The more you sweat, the more fortunate you become.”