Increase Your Website’s Traffic On The Cheap

By Brian Armstrong

It’s a fact of life that websites depend on traffic to function. You can never get too much traffic flowing through your website, whether you’re being paid for every person who visits it or providing services and goods. More traffic means more eyes on you, which means more exposure and revenue. When your traffic is high, you gain more in some way.

Despite this, most people end up spending a significant amount of money in creating traffic for their websites, to the point that they lose money due to high overhead costs. They either spend too much money on fancy advertisement campaigns or pay too much money to other websites to advertise their pages, resulting in a break-even situation at best. Here are three convenient, low-cost, but efficient ways to keep your traffic growing without breaking the bank.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most straightforward methods for increasing traffic. Simply put, SEO works by optimising the words on your website so that they have a better chance of being selected as people search for specific key words relevant to your site. SOE can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Certain providers ghostwrite SEO-optimized papers and distribute them to subscribers. This choice also ensures that you still have enough content for your website. Another option is to invest in an SEO software that modifies the articles you publish on your website so that they are optimised for search engine keywords. Another option is to use an SEO random keyword generator, which will provide you with a list of random words that have a high priority with several search engines; you can then pick and choose which words to use in your website.

False Traffic Generator Programs – This is a straightforward programme that operates in tandem with SEO tools. Simply put, search engines use two primary metrics to determine where a website should appear on their lists: key word density and the number of recent hits. Some (but not all) search engines can be fooled by a fake traffic generator programme into believing you’ve had a lot more hits than you really did.

Two-way links are another simple way to increase traffic to your website. While most people pay other websites to have links to their own site put on theirs, a two-way connection is actually an agreement with another website in which you provide them with a link to yours in return for them placing a link to yours on theirs. Since this is a symbiotic relationship, neither party usually pays the other for the connection or any redirected traffic.

Although not every site will agree to this, it never hurts to search for other sites that will. It would benefit if you have a high traffic rate to begin with, as this will give you some negotiating leverage when attempting to hammer out a two-way connection agreement with a website that has a lot of traffic as well. Similarly, if you have a high amount of traffic to begin with, you can work out a two-way link with them in which you pay them for each hit diverted to them and vice versa, if the web pages you’re targeting have lower traffic than yours. This gives them more exposure because you have more traffic, and it also saves you money because their initial traffic is lower.

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