Give Away Free Products That Generate Leads A Step-By-Step Guide

Product reviews, particularly positive ones, can significantly increase traffic to your website. People, on the other hand, are unlikely to review a product for free. You’ll have to give them the stuff for free if you don’t have to pay them. And, unless you’re selling digital infoproducts or some other low-cost commodity, you’ll have to be really selective about which reviewers you approach and how you phrase your proposal.

1st phase Calculate how many free things you can afford to give away. Even if you have the financial means to give as many as you like, it’s still a good idea to restrict your giveaways to a few each month. Flooding the Internet with glowing testimonials for your products could give off a shady vibe to your readers, which you don’t want to happen.

Step 2 Choose carefully who you would send your items to for free in exchange for feedback. When making this critical decision, keep the following considerations in mind.

If you have any expertise? When giving away your goods for free, your primary focus should be professional product reviewers. They can’t, however, be any product reviewer. The best kind of reviewer is someone who has a lot of experience, information, and expertise in the product you’re selling. You can’t ask a food critic to write a fair review of Microsoft’s new operating system, can you?

If you have a requirement? The second form of reviewer you can aim for is someone that you think would benefit from your goods and services. Small business owners, home-based practitioners, and those with basic bookkeeping needs should be your target audience if you’ve created a new online platform for bookkeeping. These customers have a greater understanding of what the product or service has to offer.

What are your writing abilities? There’s no reason to be concerned about competent product reviewers’ writing abilities. The second form of critic, on the other hand, does not all have a flair for writing. If you don’t give your goods to those who already have them, they’ll go to waste because their reviews won’t be as straightforward or comprehensive as you need them to be.

Is there a website? Another thing to think about is the success of their website. The majority of product reviews have their own pages, if not, then blogs. Find out which websites with the best rankings by doing some research. Isn’t it best to get as much publicity as possible for each commodity you give away for free?

Step 3 Now that you know who you should approach with your bid, it’s time to draught an email. Your letter should clarify why you’re offering a product in return for a review. Make it clear that the deal does not obligate them to sing the product’s praises. All they have to do now is be truthful.

Step 4: Describe your specifications. For product reviews, you might have a specific format or word count in mind. If this is the case, let them know. You may also recommend that they talk about the features and benefits of your product, or that they include an anecdote in their analysis.

Step 5: Finally, require them to post a brief overview of yourself or your business, as well as a link to your website.

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