How To Use YouTube To Drive Traffic

Are you really stuck on the notion that the only way to get people to visit your website is to spend a huge amount of money on a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign?

If so, now is the perfect time to broaden the online marketing horizons. Getting free traffic to a website is no longer a difficult task.

As more people use social media, the marketing buzz generated by prominent social media sites will reach millions of potential visitors all over the world.

To get you started, here are some suggestions on how to generate traffic with YouTube:

  1. Make a brief video describing the product, service, or brand you’re supporting.
  2. Make a tutorial video that focuses on a specific product or service on your website.
  3. Be the first to post a viral video that has the ability to attract thousands of views
    in a short period of time. It could be a hilarious video, a new movie trailer, or the most recent celebrity parodies.

Take the time to properly set up your video’s information so that search engines and potential viewers can easily locate it. Since the title of your video is so important, make sure that it contains the exact keyword you’re looking for.

The first line of the Description field should contain the URL of your website. You should place this link at the beginning of your article to make it easy for your viewers to click on it.

Your video’s tags should also include a list of keywords that you want to rank for.

Remember that the first image shown in the video list is a video thumbnail. It has the ability to entice an audience to watch your video. Selecting a video thumbnail with a clear appeal to your target audience is a smart technique.

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